Windows…So, I decided to get back into the world of Naruto, seeing as this was one of my favorite series in the anime genre.

I came up with this pretty quickly and wanted to use some of my art techniques to my advantage.

Just another quick romp around my sketchbook. This was just to get my creativity back on track.

This is a work in progress and will be available in my gallery.

This was pretty much my first time using pencils. It just stuck with me, which is weird considering I’ve used those same tools for years and years.

I like how this turned out… I think it’s pretty cool.


The art style is very illustrative.

I tried a lot of different effects in this piece.

There’s a lot of spots where I had to put in some extra shading and color and clear up a lot of line work. It was nice to have that freedom in a non-comic book art piece.

I enjoyed how much of a stylistic break it was from my usual style.

I’ll leave this up here and it’s available for download in my gallery.When it comes to brewing beer, there are certain things that are known to be good for the process. Water is one of those things. Bottled, distilled, or well water is a good place to start when making beer, as long as the waters pH levels and mineral content are at their optimum.

But what if the water’s pH or mineral content isn’t ideal? What if it’s too high or too low?

One company says it has found the solution: The Brewhouse Innovations (TBI) system, which purifies water and changes its mineral content to a pH of 5.5.

TBI’s founder, George Girard, used his medical degree and entrepreneurship experience to found the company in 2009, a year after first learning about homebrewing.

“It became clear to me that there was a need for a better water supply for brewers,” Girard told Business Insider.

What Girard found was a 93076646e9

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– N: Soil_NW
– E: Soil_NE
– W: Soil_NW
– E: Soil_SW
The artwork of this icon set is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

2011-10-09 11:28:51

Triple Five Publishing

Description: This is a set of icons for 1Password 3, a quick and easy way to manage all your web accounts.
Each icon is named according to the corresponding account: Mail, Calendar, Finance, Friends, and Shopping. Each icon has a preview, which is a hover tooltip, and a clickable link to the page where the account is stored.
The icons are available in 6 sizes: 24, 32, 48, 64, 128, and 256 pixels.
For version 3, there’s an option for PNGs in all six sizes.
The icons are available in the following formats:
– SVG: vector format. Requires Illustrator.
– PNG: high quality and low quality.
– ICO: high quality and low quality.
– PSD: Photoshop format. Compatible with Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop CS6, Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.
– PPM: high quality and low quality.
– AI: Adobe Illustrator format.
– CDR: EPS format.
– CMYK: high quality and low quality.
– More than 50 icons in 10 different categories: Mail, Calendar, Finance, Friends, Shopping, Passwords, Settings, Domains, Keyboards, and Notes.
– All icons are available in both transparent and semi-transparent versions.
– It’s easy to use: after you download the ZIP file, drag and drop the “Icons” folder into your 1Password 3 application. The icons will appear in the correct category, and the previews will show.
– All icons are ready for printing, and in a number of different sizes.
– The links inside the icons lead to a page on the 1Password website where you can view the corresponding account.
– For convenience, the links are also highlighted in 1Password 3.
– For new accounts you create, you can choose from the predefined categories (Mail, Calendar, Finance, Friends, and Shopping).
– The ZIP file includes the following formats:
– SVGs in all sizes
– PNGs


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