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An advanced tool that combines the functionality of real-time and stopwatch programs, thus allowing users to carry out load tests of CPU and RAM in a fast and easy way.
CPU load tests can be started and stopped at will. For multi-core CPUs, CPU load tests can be started and stopped on specific cores only.
Set the exact amount to be applied to the CPU load. You can use absolute values or percentages.
Set the memory load on demand. This applies to RAM loads, too.
Evaluation and conclusion:

When it comes to CPU stress tests, you can instruct LoadingMate to apply a random amount within a customized range (in percent), an exact amount, or cyclic, which means that an infinite range of load cycles are carried out until the operation is manually aborted by triggering the reset button.
For the memory load, it’s only necessary to indicate the amount in megabytes. Otherwise, you can click a button to get the available physical memory without any hassle.
General settings include setting the frame to stay on top of other windows, emulate the Windows XP look, as well as setting the program’s priority to real-time, high, above normal, normal, below normal, or low.
As far as hardware requirements are concerned, LoadingMate only needs to support modern 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems and PCs with 4 or more GB of RAM.

For a program that’s no longer available, the aforementioned benchmarking application is actually very useful, as its purpose is to stress both the CPU and RAM of a computer and log the result to file.

You can see how powerful a single thread is while evaluating the program’s performance, along with the operating system running, as the program’s interface is quite clean.
As with many programs on this list, you’ll have to pay for the evaluation version of loadingmate in order to try it out.

Stress the CPU and RAM

It’s simple to set up the program, and in fact, you don’t have to do much at all. Just choose the amount of time you want the application to run, the CPU or RAM load you want to test, and whether you want it to complete cycles (stresses one CPU core at a time) or cycles per second (stresses a single CPU core at a time).
The test runs in the background without disturbing the work you’re doing, and the result (in the form of a log file) is 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a windows-compatible keyboard macro software. It records keystrokes with optional mouse clicks and system dialogs, then re-plays them at a specified time. It is easy to use because it offers a drag-and-drop interface, simple menu, and the ability to modify your macros. The program can also record mouse clicks and control system events such as running processes.
How KEYMACRO works:
When you open the program, you can create keyboard macros that let you perform complex tasks using a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. For example, you could record a few mouse clicks in the “Event” section and then re-play them whenever you want to paste a word from an email into a document. The “Macros” section contains the re-played macros that you can configure using drag-and-drop, adding or removing them and modifying their properties.
KEYMACRO features:
* add and delete keystrokes from any macro;
* record mouse clicks;
* record system events such as running processes;
* drag and drop macro elements for easy configuring;
* flexible application settings.
Macro recorder and playr:
Use Macro Recorder to create a macro. Click on the buttons to record, and the next mouse click or keystrokes will be added to the macro. Use Macro Playr to re-play a macro. Click on the button to re-play the macro, then click on the buttons to add, remove, or modify a macro.
Create macros using the keyboard. On a PC, you can use the arrow keys or page up/down keys to move through the menus. You can press the mouse buttons (left, right, or middle) to move the mouse pointer, click on items, and choose items in menus.
Use mouse buttons to interact with menus and items. For example, on a Windows XP or Vista PC, you can use the left mouse button to open a menu, the right mouse button to choose an item in the menu, and the middle mouse button to paste something in the document. On Mac OS X, you can use the arrow keys to navigate a menu, click on items and highlight text, and choose items in menus.
Record mouse clicks and system events:
Use the Logging button to log mouse clicks, keyboard presses, and system events. You can customize your macros with this option.
Add custom macros:
You can record custom macros

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