You can create new macros that will be automatically recorded as one keystroke of the keyboard. The created macros will appear in a list in the format of KEYMACRO (prelude, verse, chorus, etc.).
What it does:
KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder that lets you quickly and easily save your keystrokes. You can define them in groups in the form of your choice and create new groups.
What is not:
KEYMACRO does not record keys that are already set as macros with Keyboard Shortcuts.
How it works:
KEYMACRO listens for keyboard events and then saves them in a set format to one or more macros. You can also add new groups or items to the list of macros you have defined.
KEYMACRO is freeware that allows you to use it for free.
Windows only:
KEYMACRO is only available for Windows.
Supported OSs:
Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista.
Supported keyboards:
You can use your keyboard to record macros.
How to download and use:
KEYMACRO is freeware. There is no setup or registration required to use it.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Lilypad is a lightweight application that allows you to create your own home automation system. It supports up to 16 devices and lets you set their states according to a schedule.
What it does:
Lilypad is a personal automation system designed for creating a home that works the way you want it to. You can turn off the lights when you are gone, set your heating to come on automatically at night and unlock your house at a specific time.
What is not:
Lilypad does not include any schedule control, nor does it enable you to set notifications about your home automation system.
How it works:
The application is based on the use of timers, which enable you to control things according to certain conditions. You can set them as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly events that are going to happen at a certain time.
Lilypad is freeware that allows you to use it for free.
Windows only:
Lilypad is only available for Windows.
Supported OSs:
Windows 2000, XP, Vista.
Supported keyboards:
You can use your keyboard to record macros.
How to download and use:
Lilypad is freeware. There is no setup or registration required to use it 384a16bd22

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Change any spreadsheet, word processing document or web page from one language to another with one keystroke.
The program will “Switch” all phrases and words and make them appear in a new “target” document.

This is the best tool to swap words or sentences between English and other languages.TV Review: ‘BoJack Horseman’

Written by Michael Alan Kaplan

BoJack Horseman is coming off a phenomenal third season. So how would a return to TV status impact the quirky series?

Netflix recently released a handful of originals for the coming seasons, including the upcoming fifth season of Orange is the New Black, the third season of Daredevil, and animated comedy BoJack Horseman. The last few years have seen an increasing number of new series from both established and newcomer creators, but with so many different series across so many different types of content, figuring out what is and isn’t good is a feat that the streaming service seems ill-equipped to handle.

For those that have only had a brief look at the show, Horseman is a beautifully designed animated series about the misfortunes and foibles of a horse turned man named BoJack. BoJack (voiced by Will Arnett) is a narcissistic, alcoholic, and generally cynical man who is given an opportunity to run a show called Horsin’ Around on the television channel Horsin’ Around, which is hosted by anthropomorphic horses Princess Carolyn and Mr. Peanutbutter.

BoJack Horseman is cleverly written and made to feel relatable in a way that’s difficult to achieve in a streaming series. It uses the real-world issues of depression, regret, and heartbreak to explore the human condition and the idea of living in a world that’s not entirely terrible. It speaks to a generation of people who have been left feeling hopeless and trapped in one way or another. At its best, it’s a show that makes you ask some tough questions about life and the people in it.

It’s not often that a show comes along that’s genuinely good, and it’s definitely not the norm for streaming. But BoJack is not some strange, awkward experiment. It has a solid, grounded and brilliantly written series. The show also features some of the best writing you’ll see on television today, making it a truly unique addition to the world of Netflix. In a world of middling


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