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How do you convert ints to their string representation in swift?

I am trying to convert a string representation of an integer to the actual integer. So for instance:
let n = 12345
let stringifiedn = “12345”

I want to convert stringifiedn to 12345.
I have seen a couple posts on converting ints to strings, but not quite what I’m looking for.
Thank you


You can convert to string directly. Try:
let n = 12345
let stringifiedn = String(n)

Comment on “Effect of pH on the oxidation of dimethylnaphthalene and dimethylnaphthalene dimers by tert-butylhydroperoxide.”
Eckert et al. (Reports, vol. 10, no. 6, p. 560, 2004) concluded that, in comparison with benz\[*a\]anthracene, the benzo\[*b\]fluoranthene isomer, benz\[*c\]fluoranthene, and anthracene undergo a much slower oxidation by tert-butylhydroperoxide and can be considered as non-oxidizable. In this Comment, we show that the data for the oxidation of dimethylnaphthalene (Dn) and dimethylnaphthalene dimers (DnDn) by t-BuOOH are in complete agreement with the data reported by Eckert et al. for Dn and benz\[*c\]fluoranthene. A brief comparison with the data for the oxidation of Dn and benz\[*a\]anthracene by t-BuOOH is also presented. We further demonstrate that the oxidation of DnDn by t-BuOOH occurs at a much faster rate than that of Dn and benz\[*c\]fluoranthene.Bollywood star-studded film “Bharat” fails to reach magical 100-crore mark

Poster for the Hindi film, “Bharat”, starring Akshay Kumar,

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