The purpose of this program is to provide an easy to use, functional and expandable way to create your own macros.
Macros are a very powerful tool. With the flexibility of macros, you can automate most of your work and make your life easier.
* 10 highly configurable “actions”
* up to 31 different variables
* the ability to use any type of keystrokes
* all variables can be changed at any time
* the ability to loop, wait for events, repeat and abort
* the ability to extend macros with your own actions
* the ability to be used as a normal script
* the ability to debug macros using the Visual Studio debugger
* the ability to debug macros without using the Visual Studio debugger
* a high performance event loop
* supports virtually any Windows OS
* works with almost any text and programming language
To be able to use the macros that are included with the program, you need to install the program and configure the Macro Menu (Keyboard shortcut: K), which is located in the upper right corner of the window, and is accessible from any Macro tab. The program installs macros with a default set, but additional macros can be found in the file Macros/Misc/MacroDefaults.ini.
To add a macro or script to the Macro Menu, click on the button Macro\Add Macro or Macro\Add Script. Either macro or script can be added to one of the available categories.
The name of the macro can be specified either by typing it in, or via the drop down menu for the macro category.
To run the macro, double-click on the macro. You can run the macro from the Macro Menu, or manually run the macro by pressing the button Run Macro.
To debug a macro, simply run the macro as you normally would, by double-clicking on it. The macro will be run and the output will appear in the debug window. To stop debugging, hit the Stop button. You can also abort the macro by hitting the Stop button.
To start debugging, hit the Start button. To finish debugging, hit the Stop button.
Macros can be configured and are saved in separate.ini files.
NOTE: The main image shows a simple instruction screen,
not the actual macro that is running.
How to use MACROS 84e02134c1

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KeyMacro can be used for pasting text from websites in many different platforms such as; Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and more. It saves the selection in clipboard and can convert it to one of several formats.


Skype +1

Skype is an instant-messaging client (IM) that connects you to friends and family via the Internet. Its most prominent features include file transfer, voice-over-IP, webcam, and video calling. Skype was acquired by Microsoft in May 2011.


Xpadder is a portable download manager, which features a straightforward interface, a wide range of functionality and the ability to resume interrupted downloads automatically. Xpadder works in two modes – as a stand-alone client or as a download helper for other applications (like browsers, web browsers, file managers, music players etc).

PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word Converter is the most powerful and the best PDF to Word Converter and Converter. PDF to Word Converter is a standalone application, which can be used for simple PDF to Word conversion, but it has more powerful options for advanced users. The main features of PDF to Word Converter are :

Flexible PDF to Word Converter:

Output PDF bookmarks:

Convert bookmarks:

Indentation (separate paragraphs by spaces):

Text styles:

Paragraph styles:

Paste special texts:

Border styles:

Text effects:





Footnotes and Endnotes:

Customized headers and footers:


High Quality Output:

And so much more…

You can easily get started with this PDF to Word Converter in 5 min:

Customize PDF to Word Converter interface:

Open PDF to Word Converter:

Import PDF file into PDF to Word Converter:

Select Output:

Change the font and format of text:

Add borders, shading and shadows:

Choose the output format (e.g. Txt, Html, Doc, Rtf, Ppt, Pdf):

Delete unnecessary files:

Create backup files:

The PDF to Word Converter is an advanced converter that can save some time:

Select all text


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