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Simple editor for macro language in keyboard with syntax highlighting, interactive context-menu and support for saving and loading macro scripts.
System requirements:
Keyboard macros.

Aspose.Tremor is a professional level library for.NET with smart methods for converting various data formats, such as: PDF to text, Excel to CSV, XML to JSON, HTML to plain-text, and more. It also has a couple of simple, yet smart, methods for extracting data from any PDF file, regardless of whether it has been scanned or created with Adobe software.
Thanks to its versatility, Aspose.Tremor is the ideal choice for users who need to convert a variety of files, to make them compatible with different applications, such as: CRM, DMS, project management, database, email and web based applications, document creation, etc.
Installer, prerequisites, and interface
Aspose.Tremor is a very easy-to-install application. After installing it, users are able to launch the aspose_tremor.exe file without any additional requirements, in order to create and apply PDF files.
Though it needs a decent amount of RAM to perform, it is very simple to use. Aspose.Tremor has no complicated settings or third-party components. It integrates well into the system tray, to facilitate easy access to its options while letting you continue with your normal desktop work without any interruptions.
Measure distances and objects using rulers
Aspose.Tremor provides users with two types of rulers, both of which can be put in any position on the screen, and be easily accessed from the right-click menu. The horizontal ruler can be moved anywhere on the screen by clicking and dragging it, while the vertical ruler can be brought up by opening the right-click menu, adjusting its height and width by clicking and dragging the margins, as well as replacing the display picture with a custom file.
Evaluation and observations
When trying to convert a file, the application didn’t put a strain on the computer’s performance in our tests. Aspose.Tremor wasn’t as fast as similar applications, yet it didn’t lag or produce errors.
Converting a large number of files or performing complex processes is not a problem for Aspose.Tremor, since it can handle a variety of file formats, including: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, MP3, ZIP, RTF, EML, and others 384a16bd22

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– Adds a password manager to your system tray and optionally hides the tray icon.
– Locks, password fills and saves your settings.
– Generates strong passwords for you.
– Password is instantly copied to the clipboard.
– Defines favorite passwords.
– Password is confirmed by typing it in for you.
– Provides settings for various hash and cipher algorithms.
– Supports 7.3 and higher display modes.
– Password length can be adjusted to your needs.
– Password history is organized.
– Favorites can be arranged.
– The display size can be chosen.
– Password notifications are supported.

Theoretically speaking, the small utility is nothing more than a visual password generator with advanced settings, but it has a few serious advantages. First, the field doesn’t have to be filled in manually in order to get a password. Second, the input has to be taken from the keyboard, and not a choice box. It is almost impossible to manually generate the same password using different methods and fill it into the same field.
Another interesting aspect of this password generator is that it does not need to be installed. Both portable versions work in offline mode and online mode. The application is supplied in.jar file, and the Java Runtime Environment has to be already available in order to work.
Besides, it is possible to create passwords with different character sets, hash algorithms and cipher algorithms. Besides the typical options like variations of MD5 and SHA, there’s a choice between AES, 3DES, RSA, RC2, RC4 and NULL encryption. The option to change the length of the generated password is also a blessing.
The visual user interface is clear and simple to use. You can add favorite passwords from the list, lock and unlock the application, and add the generated password to the clipboard. You can also change the tray icon’s position and size, turn password notifications on or off, and organize your favorites.
In order to create a new password, you will need to type the desired one, confirm it using the Enter key, and optionally save it to your clipboard. The application does not record and analyze the typed input, so you will need to enter the password manually in the future.
It is possible to generate strong passwords using the combination of hash and cipher algorithms, which is a great advantage. For example, the length of the generated password can be automatically adjusted using the default choice, or the user can enter a more specific value


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