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KeyMacro is an easy-to-use, professional text editing tool. With KeyMacro, you can write, edit, find and replace text and other text-based content, from one document to the next.
Use KeyMacro for:
• One-off documents, e.g. for homework.
• Multiple documents, e.g. to collaborate on a paper.
• Long-term documents, e.g. academic essays and research papers.
KeyMacro has a simple, clean interface. It is useful for editing text and simple documents in a format which allows for highly efficient text editing. KeyMacro features include:
• One-click auto-formatting
• One-click default paragraph formatting
• One-click paragraph aligning
• Easy integration with Microsoft Office Word and Excel
• Smart indent and outdent
• Easy navigation through a document
• Full document backup and restore
KeyMacro supports a wide range of documents and file formats. The support for different formats allows for the fastest access to the most common file formats. The software is written in Mac OS X Cocoa, in English and is compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. 
KeyMacro is available for purchase on the App Store for USD $9.99

EPUB3 Description:
EPUB3 is an open standard for electronic books (eBooks), or, as the name suggests, for books that can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. EPUB3 is more than just another format for distributing eBooks, it’s a new publishing model.
EPUB3 is the successor of the popular EPUB and MOBI formats. It supports the same types of eBooks as EPUB, such as.epub files.
EPUB3 adds new features, in particular better cross-device compatibility. EPUB3 is the format used by the Google Play Books, for example. 
Key Features:
• Simplify the publishing process
• Improved cross-device compatibility
• New supporting functions
• Better usability
• Full support for several languages
• Vast number of other useful features
With EPUB3, publishers can make a great eBook experience available to a vast number of people using a wide range of devices. This will, of course, require some changes, and publishers need a solution that simplifies the publishing process.
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KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro manager for the Mac OS X operating system. This lightweight application let you create keyboard macros that can be launched by pressing a single key combination.
Mousing Over the application icon will display an auto-running version of KEYMACRO that lets you create macro codes for custom key combinations to launch your applications, launch commands, or perform other actions.
Macro codes are similar to the shortcuts you use to open Web sites in your browser. Once created, your macros are stored in the application’s database and can be recalled by pressing the key combination that was chosen while creating the code.
MKey is one of the main features provided by KEYMACRO. It is a small application that is designed to help users use MKey for their needs.
The application offers several features such as drag-and-drop functionality, the ability to directly modify macros, a keyboard manager, and custom MKey profiles.
A simple code editor is provided for modifying the existing macros you have created. You can also select shortcuts to replace the application’s defaults.
If you create a new MKey profile, you can set it as the default to make it appear on your keyboard shortcuts.
This application is ideal for users that need to create a collection of macros without resorting to any other solutions.
* Create and edit keyboard macros
* A simple editor that lets you edit existing macros
* The ability to directly modify a macro using the mouse
* A keyboard manager that lets you see all the macros that you have created
* Drag-and-drop functionality that lets you move and copy the macros
* The ability to launch your favorite applications
* The option to customize the keyboard shortcuts of the application
* Built-in profiles for use with the application
* The ability to modify existing profiles
* A simple interface
* A keyboard manager
* The ability to add keyboard shortcuts
* A macro manager
* The ability to launch applications
* Allows you to edit existing profiles
* The ability to add new profiles
* A simple toolbar
* Drag-and-drop functionality
* The option to customize the keyboard shortcuts of the application
Keyboard editor screen shots:
Keyboard code editor screen shot:
* You can change the color of the code editing interface by right clicking on the area of the screen that displays the key you are currently editing.
* Once the key is pressed, the application will open another editor for the code.
* When the

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