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KEYMACRO is a smart tool that allows you to save long commands and reuse them when needed. This way you do not need to copy your whole command and run it again.
KeyMacro currently supports the following commands:
copy, convert, date, dir, del, echo, find, ftp, goto, hash, help, host, if, javac, ldif, mak, mkdir, mv, nul, nslookup, rmdir, rec, rm, rsync, sed, seq, set, sh, sleep, sort, touch, tr, uniq, url, wc, where, xargs, xcursorgen, xlogo, xorg -unix, xorg -xkb
Version 3.6.6 – 2019-03-17

This is a description of the capability of the generic access
management module.


NAME is the module name of this capability.


DESCRIPTION contains a short description of this capability.


CLASS defines the abstract data type used by the capability.


CAPABILITY is a list of capabilities with the same CLASS and NAME that are associated with this capability. This is used to implement inheritance.


COMPONENTNAME is the name of the component that implements the capability.


STARTTIME is a numeric value in seconds. If this capability is started from within the context of an MCA service, this value is the Unix time in seconds of the start of the service.


STOPTIME is a numeric value in seconds. If this capability is stopped from within the context of an MCA service, this value is the Unix time in seconds of the stop of the service.


EXITSTATUS is the exit status that the control program returned when the control program terminated. A value of 0 means the command completed successfully. A value of non-zero indicates the command terminated with an error status.


ACTION is a list of the commands that were run as a result of the operation.


OPERATION is a list of the commands that are performed as a result of d82f892c90

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Real-Time Built-In WOW Motion Sensor – (INDOOR BOARDS)

Retrieving photos and videos of a certain period of time can be very useful to help remember and document the events.
But in the best case, most mobile phones struggle to pick up the light changes and actions that happen in this very brief period of time.
With this motion sensor, it will be easy to make any point of your choice come to life.
How does it work?
The sensor has a 3D camera and an infrared sensor that can be placed above a specified point.
When it detects motion, it will detect a particular event and store it in the “Gallery” app.
The app will take up to 3 photos per event and then quickly review each picture to store the correct event.
It will then use the final images in the app to create GIF or video files for easy sharing.
This motion sensor does not require a rooted device.
You can download it from the Google Play Store.
How to use it:
With this motion sensor, you can take the control over the filming process.
You can make a motion while capturing, so the timing of the motion can be set accordingly.
Moreover, the motion sensor is fully compatible with any third-party camera app.
SKINS Price: $3.99 (Indoors & Outdoors)

CHOC LITE LIFE Is The Ideal Christmas Gift For Pets | BOUNCE MEETINGS



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Pets age more faster than people.It’s only natural that you want your pet to have a long and healthy life.
The BOUNCE MEETINGS Choc Lite Life can help keep your pet’s life healthy and active, to help them avoid the diseases that may be caused by aging.
The nutritional supplement is highly concentrated and effectively supports your pets overall health.
Pet’s immune system health improves significantly with enhanced production of white blood cells.
The Choc Lite Life is a great product for seniors, people who


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