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– 1…: Create an edit box. Use as many as you need
– 0…: Reset the edit boxes back to the default diagonal positions
– b: Force the edit boxes to the middle position, setting
– they to ‘X’ axis as well
– B: Disables the ‘X’ axis
– L: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+L
– R: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+R
– M: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+M
– K: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+K
– H: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+H
– O: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+O
– P: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+P
– T: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+T
– D: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+D
– A: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+A
– S: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+S
– C: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+C
– I: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+I
– U: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+U
– W: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+W
– F: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+F
– Z: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+Z
– :: Sends ‘Move X Axis’ ctrl+;
– 7…: Delete the edit boxes
– A: Restore the edit boxes to their previous position
– S: Creates an edit box without a border
– R: Create a circular edit box, using the phase parameter
– T: Create a triangular edit box, using the phase parameter
– L: Creates a rectangle edit box, using the phase parameter
– I: Creates an edit box with the ‘Invert’ option
– D: Creates an edit box with the ‘Divide’ option
– C: Creates an edit box with the ‘Cube’ option
– : Make sure the background colour is not transparent
– 384a16bd22

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Keymacro software program allows you to play your favorite keyboard chord sequences. With this application, you will be able to add macro controls to many of your favorite chord sequences, allowing you to have dedicated controls for each of them.
Works with:
Keymacro works with any MIDI keyboard. It will load the MIDI files and create controls for each of the chord you select. The control does not have to be the same as the chord sequence. For example, you can create a control for a Abmaj7 chord.
The controls are assignable to the MIDI ports, allowing you to turn them on and off as you please. By having these controls active, you can use them as shortcuts for your chord sequence, but can also assign the controls to your own MIDI device to play the chord sequence from the control.
Keymacro can save each of the controls created in its own library, and you can load them from any location on your computer.
Supported Files:
Keymacro can load keymacro files (.kml) and chord sequences (.sma)

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