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KEYMACRO is a software solution that can help you simplify your daily tasks by using macro commands or shortcuts that enable you to do several tasks faster. It is very easy to use and requires no specialized knowledge.
Keyboard shortcuts
The program supports a large number of keyboard shortcuts that enable you to perform actions very quickly. You can use these commands to execute files, open various applications, launch files or web browsers, and even set the screen brightness to low levels. For instance, you can quickly execute your FTP client, open a video file or any web browser, adjust the screen brightness, change the text color or set your system to sleep mode.
The most important keyboard shortcuts that you can use with this program are listed below:
Open a file by clicking on it: Ctrl+T
Open a folder by clicking on it: Ctrl+D
Change the color of your text: Alt+Arrow
Activate/deactivate the calculator: Ctrl+Alt+Enter
Activate/deactivate the calculator: Ctrl+E
Activate/deactivate the calculator: Ctrl+F
Open another calculator: Ctrl+N
Launch the file manager: Ctrl+T
Open a terminal window: Ctrl+F3
Open a PDF file: Ctrl+O
Open a.tex file: Ctrl+T
Open a program: Ctrl+P
Start/Stop a program: Ctrl+L
Open a shortcut to the applications: Ctrl+F
Open a shortcut to the applications: Ctrl+R
Start/Stop recording a file: Ctrl+Shift+V
Create a bookmark: Ctrl+B
Create a bookmark: Ctrl+K
Open a program: Ctrl+P
Open a system file: Ctrl+S
Open a system file: Ctrl+O
Start/Stop recording a file: Ctrl+Shift+V
Create a shortcut to the documents: Ctrl+L
Start/Stop recording a file: Ctrl+Shift+V
File Search: F3
Display the file system: Ctrl+Alt+Del
Display the file system: Ctrl+Delete
Display the file system: Ctrl+Home
Display the file system: Ctrl+PageUp
Display the file system: Ctrl+PageDown
Display the file system: Ctrl+Shift+PageUp
Display the file system: Ctrl+Shift+PageDown
Display the file system: Ctrl+Shift+F
Display the file system: Ctrl+Shift+R
Display the file system: Ctrl+Shift+Del 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a small, easy to use, free online tool designed to perform macro programming.
It is actually designed as an extension to the Internet keyboard. If you have a browser open on your desktop computer, this tool will automatically put the keyboard focus on the browser and you can then type your macros without any further effort.
All you need to do is to enter the macro text in the edit box and click on the “Execute” button. When the specified actions are performed, you can review the changes and then simply press the “Save” button to create your own macros.
Using the program, you can create buttons, hyperlinks, text fields, checkboxes, text boxes, and much more. You can record keystrokes and then replay them anytime. It is a real time changer; you can jump back and forth, go to the beginning, use text templates, and apply custom styles.
All actions are being recorded and stored in an internal database so you can always retrieve them later.
KEYMACRO is packed with cool features like the following:
Easy and quick
Since it is designed as an extension to the Internet keyboard, it is extremely easy to use.
Easily add your own commands
KEYMACRO allows you to create your own commands by simply typing them in the edit box and clicking on the “Execute” button.
Shortcut keys
KeyMACRO is also designed to allow you to use the Internet keyboard shortcuts to perform your commands with no effort.
History functionality
You can jump back and forth through the recorded steps by simply clicking on the buttons “Back” and “Go To Start”.
Custom appearance
All the commands can be edited and modified in any color.
Built-in tools
KEYMACRO comes with a couple of tools that allow you to edit, review, and modify any of the commands you have created.
Among others, you can add a status bar, copy the command to the clipboard, reset it to the default settings, undo or redo the last action, and much more.
KEYMACRO is a really nice tool that allows you to create, edit, and manage macro commands easily. It is especially useful when you have a need for a time changer.
KYMOTOR Description:
KYMOTOR is a set of programs and frameworks written in C++ that let you control Linux desktops using standard multimedia remote controls.
These programs are available


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