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Portable Fast Folder Eraser uses Windows built-in command key macros to allow very efficient file folder deletion with two quick keystroke combinations.
Other keyboard shortcuts for navigation are assigned to context menu items, so you can simply use your mouse or trackpad.
Movies, Pictures, Music, and Documents are the four most popular Windows folders, and are listed in the pop-up menu when the app launches for the first time.
If you like, you can add more folders for faster navigation.
After selecting the target folder, you need to enter Delete files in real time to activate the macros.
It is important to understand that the keystrokes that are used to activate the macros are not the shortcuts for the key-borders.
You can always change the shortcuts for the macros to use any other key combination you prefer.
FILENAMEs.txt Description:
This text file contains a list of the most frequent filename extensions associated with the four most common Windows folders.
Windows FOLDERS has detailed instructions for obtaining the file that is included on this page.
Portable Fast Folder Eraser is a lightweight app that does not generate any memory occupation while working.
You can activate it with a single click or run it in background, so you can keep working during the operation.
The software works in a silent mode, and does not report any errors or issue during the task.
Just one click is enough to start the operation, and you can stop it when you deem fit.
For example, if you do not want to delete the primary target directory, you can simply close the program window.
What you will find out is that you can run the app for several days in a row without running into any issues or defects.
If you want to erase files in bulk, you can use the File batch menu to automate the process.
All in all, it is a superb and innovative application, and you should not hesitate to give it a try.
This software is available to download free of charge, and it does not require you to purchase anything for the privilege.
Portable Fast Folder Eraser has a freeware license, and it is completely compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems.
It is also Mac-compatible, and it is able to remove files from several versions of the Mac OS.
A full version of the program will come as a standard update, and you will receive a notification via email.
In order to take advantage of the program, 384a16bd22

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Allows you to create custom keymappings for your keyboard, and set them up in the Options>Keyboard settings dialog. It’s a bit different from other tools, but that is because I wanted to go for a good, customisable option. There is an example in the readme.html, if you want to see what you can do. The options are:

Set the minimum distance between keystrokes before they’re registered as keys. This makes it so pressing two keys in rapid succession doesn’t cause them to be registered as a keystroke.

Set the maximum distance between keystrokes before they’re registered as keys.

Set the hot key. This means a keystroke will be automatically mapped to that key if it is pressed when in this mode.

Set the keyboard modifier code for the key to be mapped. Valid codes are 1, 2 and 4. This means that pressing the key with the modifier pressed will mean that keystroke is registered with the modifier applied to it, such as ctrl+v.

Set the status of the key. Valid codes are ‘1’ and ‘2’ and should set the key to be mapped on and off. This is useful for changing the status of keys.

Default behaviour when the hot key is pressed. If it’s a mapped key, the key will be pressed. If it’s not a mapped key, nothing will happen. This can be used to make the enter key do something useful.

Set the mode of the key. Valid options are “1” and “2” and set the mode on or off. You can use this to keep the key on for a bit, but disable it again.

Set the hot key mode. This is the same thing as the status option, but applies only to the hot key.

Default behaviour when the hot key mode is pressed. If it’s a mapped key, the key will be pressed. If it’s not a mapped key, nothing will happen. This can be used to make the enter key do something useful.

Set the display code of the key. Valid options are ‘a’ or ‘b’ and set the display code on or off. This makes it easier to figure out the binding for the key and

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