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KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder. It lets you create a series of keystrokes that you can replay with a single keystroke. This tool lets you create a macro for your favorite programs.
Saves information about the currently active keyboard layout.
You can save macros in the form of a script or as a record of a user-defined session.
The script contains the hot keys of the application, the events (shortcuts) that occur in the program window, and the keys that are pressed to execute them.
The session record allows you to reproduce the currently active keyboard layout and save the hot keys in a file.
Write keyboard hot keys to a file (one hot key per line).
You can repeat the currently recorded hot keys by pressing the playback key.
Load the keyboard layout from a file.
Supports multiple keyboard layouts.
Screensavers Description:
Create your own screensavers with PixScreensaver.
Includes a very customizable form generator.
Create, edit, and manage your screensaver’s form with no HTML knowledge.
Save your screensaver as an HTML web page for sharing with others.
Import.html files from other sites to make your own.
Supports multiple image formats (bmp, gif, jpg, png, tiff, tga, and webp).
Supports all RGB and grayscale images.
Create your own form with a Form Generator, which lets you set a dialog, a title bar, buttons, and additional fields.
Manage the form that you just created using the Form Manager, a tool that lets you change the form’s layout and position.
The program comes with a wealth of widgets.
The widgets are graphical controls that you can drop onto your form to perform various actions.
There are a variety of widgets to choose from including a navigation bar, a toolbar, a checkbox, a text field, a slider, a drop-down menu, a status bar, and more.
Perform actions directly on widgets using the action buttons or move widgets using the move button.
Adjust the form’s appearance using the dialog boxes and the buttons in the form manager.
The form manager can be accessed from the menu bar or by clicking the form in the list.
You can load from a.html file the website widgets you have created.
Update.html files from other sites to add to your collection of widgets.
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• 4-octave C to C instrument
• 6 polyphonic octaves
• 4 independent voices
• 6 unique presets
• Built-in Combo
• 4-band EQ, 2-band compressor, 1-band high-pass filter
• Voice selection
• Combination of C and G-5 polyphonic organ voices
• 6 CV inputs
• CV to LFO, LFO to CV, CV to octave, LFO to octave and LFO to LFO
• CV-to-CV to LFO
• CV-to-LFO to LFO and LFO to LFO
• LFO to LFO to LFO
• CV-to-tone, LFO to LFO to tone, LFO to tone and LFO to LFO to tone
• CV to pitch bend
• CV to speed
• CV to vibrato
• LFO to pitch bend, LFO to vibrato, LFO to vibrato and LFO to vibrato to vibrato
• CV to the pitch-bend-attack-release or pitch-bend-attack-release-vibrato
• MIDI CV-to-CV control
• MIDI CC to LFO-modulation
• MIDI CC to pitch bend modulation
• MIDI CC to speed modulation
• MIDI CC to vibrato modulation
• MIDI CC to vibrato to vibrato modulation
• Control map to any MIDI note/cc
• Control map to any MIDI controller
• Control map to external midi controller
• Control map to external midi controller to external midi controller
• Control map to external midi controller to MIDI port
• CV to Mod Wheel
• MIDI Pitch Bend
• MIDI Velocity
• Note Repeat
• Ring Modulation
• Tone Modulation
• Envelope Modulation
• Combination of Mono or Polyphonic organ, electric or electronic voices
• Virtual Combo
• Behaviour
• Save
• Load
• Advanced Tips
• Modes
• 6 completely different voice types,
with one playing at all times.
• On/Off toggle
• Midi Controllers
• Knee Lever
• Pedal
• Velocity
• Combination of C and G-5 polyphonic organ voices
• CV inputs
• CV to LFO, LFO to CV, CV to octave, LFO to octave and LFO to LFO
• CV-to-


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