In various sources you can read about the “sixth sense”, a sense that only a very few people have
.manage to make use of it

What if you had the power to see beyond the obvious?
To see the complete reality beyond the expanse of space and time?

Psychedelic Beach Chair / Nature Parties Model Adam is on the one hand very refined and not flashy, you can take it to any sitting in the park or at the sea
And on the other hand, she knows how to catch the eye and attracts everyone around her.

The atmosphere you will feel next to the tsiliya is one of peace and relaxation 
And “supernatural” energy that will immortalize every magical moment.


The size of the grill is 210*160*200 cm, the grill is suitable for up to 4 people and it can be assembled without sand, using the pegs that come inside the package.

Washing and cleaning:

Wash separately, hand wash at normal temperature. It is better not to soak.

Fabric type:

The vest is made of high-quality, stretchy lycra fabric on which the design is printed.

What does the package include:

4x pegs
2x folding poles
1x designed stretchy lycra fabric
1x Shelkot branded carrier

The artist created the art

Aryeh Bimbi is a psychedelic art creator and graffiti artist who lives in Budapest and produces art for the biggest trance festivals in Europe.

Arya lives with the thought that the whole purpose of our life is to create and bring new art to the world in order to open humanity to different opinions and create openness and understanding thanks to art.

Recently he began to make connections with Israeli festival producers and decided that he wants to reach the private audience as well – his goal is to paint Israel in crazy psychedelic colors and spread creative freedom and goodness.


Psychedelic cell – human model

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