Work with virtual keyboards
Change the look of virtual keyboards
KEYMACRO is a utility to create a virtual keyboard. You can easily create a virtual keyboard with many characters and change its look. The virtual keyboard can be placed anywhere on your desktop, as well as in any window. The virtual keyboard can be used when you are using a different keyboard layout than your standard one, as you don’t need to change the standard keyboard layout while typing, just the virtual keyboard.
Keyboard configurations
KeyMACRO uses the Multi-Character Key Combination data, which allows the creation of a keyboard with any number of characters. The configuration of each character is represented by a character on the keyboard. To enter the configuration of a character, you need to press a key on the keyboard.
KeyMACRO has a built-in library of characters, which allow you to create virtual keyboards with many characters and symbols. You can change the layout of the library of characters to have a look that you like.
Different keyboard layouts
KeyMACRO can use the following keyboard layout:
Dvorak and Colemak keyboard layouts are included in the installation. If you want to create a keyboard layout, it is enough to add new files.
KeyMACRO can automatically detect the default keyboard layout and change the key layout to the appropriate one.
KeyMACRO allows you to configure a number of its settings in the Configuration Panel. You can choose from the following options:
Copy keys to clipboard
Deselect duplicate characters
Include the key shortcuts
Set the key shortcuts
Set the size of the keys
Create the keyboard layout
If you press the Create Layout button, you can enter the name of the keyboard layout. If you press the name, the current layout will be replaced by the new one. You can change the layout name that you created.
KeyMACRO supports 16-bit and 24-bit color. You can choose between these two options.
KeyMACRO has a number of tools that will be useful for creating virtual keyboards.
KeyMACRO has a tool to convert the images of a character into a palette. You can choose the color and intensity of the palette.
KeyMACRO has a tool to create a keyboard from the palette. You can create a character and choose the palette for the character.
KeyMACRO has a tool to create the character set with the given number d82f892c90

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Performs the automatic deinterlacing of interlaced video. It deinterlaces the video stream into top and bottom fields, and optionally doubles the horizontal field rate of the video stream. The resulting deinterlaced video stream is automatically sent to the video frame buffer.

DEVID Description:
The standard enumerator for video device interfaces.

Provides an interface to enumerate hardware video source devices.

SOURCEFILE Description:
Specifies the file that contains the source interface description. This file must reside in the standard Windows system directory. This file must have the extension DXI.

SOURCEID Description:
Identifies a video device interface. The identification is derived from the name of the file that contains the interface description. For more information, see the SOURCEFILE section.

SOURCENAME Description:
Provides a human-readable name for the source interface. The name is the value of the SOURCEID property. This property is returned as a string value.

NAME Description:
Provides the human-readable name of the video device interface. The name is the value of the DEVID property. This property is returned as a string value.

HARDWAREVID Description:
Specifies the hardware device that represents the video source. The device name must be the name that you assigned to the hardware device. The identification is derived from the device name. For more information, see the SOURCEID property.

XVID Description:
The XVID video decoder is a video decoder that was originally designed for the DivX video player. This video decoder is based on the XVID MPEG-4 video decoder but provides the use of the MSPAPI library to decode the MPEG-4 bitstream.

Advanced Media Player Description:
A plugin is a set of filters which can be used by Advanced Media Player (AMP) to support another video or audio file format. Each file format plugin is referred to as a “codec” (short for “coder/decoder”). The codec (codec) plugins that are available are as follows:

AAC Description:
The AAC audio codec was developed by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and is used for AAC-encoded audio.

AMR Description:
The AMR audio codec was developed by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and is used for AMR-

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