A concise and easily useable macro recorder. Supports any set of keyboards (macro keys, Winkeys, Linux keycodes,…). Designed for use with third-party softwares.
4.0.2 Description:
Improved functionality of existing plugins.
Added 3D OpenCL plugin.
Added the ability to add the “frame to key” functionality.
Keymacro, is a macro recorder. It creates a record for each user command of a program, and allows to define a macro key for it. The macro record can be used to automate common operations and avoid typing by hand. It is designed for use with third-party software, such as CAD and other design programs.Keymacro allows the user to define a macro key for each user command. Macro keys can be used to automate commands that are otherwise difficult to perform in the program. A single key can record many different commands, and a key can be defined for multiple commands. The key is assigned to the macro key at the time of installation. It can be assigned to key sequences, or can be associated with any keyboard button (Winkeys, Linux keycodes, Mackeyboard shortcuts,…). The key may be extended to include additional commands or assigned to a specific key in the program.
OpenGL or OpenCL can be used to display each recorded macro. A lot of different views are available to display the results: double-click on the OpenGL window to display it in full screen, an extra OpenGL view with some buttons can be activated by the Shift key, and a Viewer dialog opens, where the user can select a zoom level, an orientation (swap) and the available key types. Each recorded macro may be rendered in color or line on a surface.
The records created by Keymacro are saved in XML format, as well as in keymappack format, which is a binary archive that consists of a keymappack header and a keymappack body. Keymappack is a macro format created by VX Software.
Keymacro is free software, distributed under the GNU GPL license.
Keymacro has been downloaded and installed on more than 200,000 computers.
Keymacro 2.0.4 Description:
– Fix when a key has two or more sequences, keystrokes are missed.
– Added ‘Get opengl view’ key to the record dialog, used for previewing records.
– Improved the keybind support, in case a command 84e02134c1

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Shoko Server is a suite of programs and plugins created to help you manage your anime collection. While this suite doesn’t require any special configuration, it does come with a set of plugins and tools that aim to enhance your work and assist you with keeping track of your anime and manga collections.
Shoko Server is a client-server application. With this application you can have all your anime and manga collections located on your computer, with Shoko Server making it easy for you to access them from anywhere, regardless of whether you have a local connection or not.
No matter where the files are located in your collection, Shoko Server knows how to find them and display them properly. Shoko Server doesn’t care if the files are in your video collection, image collection or manga collection.
You don’t have to worry about running out of memory because Shoko Server is fully compatible with the SQLite database. This database does not rely on your files to be saved with specific filenames. Instead, it uses the hash of your files to locate them.
Shoko Server makes it easier for you to keep your anime and manga collection organized. You can create multiple collections and folders to manage your anime and manga collections, and have them all fully searchable. The collection has many tools and options that can make your life easier.
Shoko Server utilizes the “Kanji” library to facilitate your searches. This software has more than 200,000 characters which is the fastest tool out there to locate files. If you need to track down that hard-to-find file, you can use the “Hard Query” feature to help you locate it.
Shoko Server has several tools to help you organize your anime and manga collection. The plugin also comes with a basic “File Manager” that makes it easier for you to manage your anime and manga collections. You can add, remove, copy and move files as you wish.
Shoko Server is not just a random tool, but a unique application. It has a set of plugins that assist you in many different ways. There are several other tools and utilities that you can use to enhance the Shoko Suite.
What’s New in v1.6:
Shoko Server was originally created to be a standalone application. However, after many requests from the community and fans, we have decided to release it as a plugin.
With the addition of this plugin, Shoko Suite is now fully compatible with your PC. The new Shoko Server Plugin will allow you to access

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