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Keyboard macro manager for Windows!
KeyMACRO is a simple yet powerful application, which helps you to create and work with keyboard macros.
Keyboard macros are a very convenient tool, which can be used to automate operations with a keyboard. By pressing one button or combination of buttons, you can easily perform numerous tasks, while using only one or two hands.
KeyMACRO has simple user interface, which is accessible on a desktop through right-click menu. The user can choose which macro he needs, specify its name, arguments, and preferences. After that, the user can define keyboard shortcuts for his macro.
Then, he can execute the macro, which means that pressing the shortcut will work the macro. After that, the user can change its settings or remove the macro.
If the user needs to work with a large number of macros, KeyMACRO allows to create them and arrange them in an archive, which will be handy if he needs to use them later.
KeyMACRO provides a lot of useful functions:
Simple and intuitive user interface
The basic set of features
Macro support
Simple and intuitive user interface
KeyMACRO has an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to create and work with macros. After clicking the “Add new macro” button, the user can choose a macro name, arguments, and setup the macro.
After defining the properties, the user has to specify the shortcut. The user can choose from a number of predefined keyboard shortcuts, or create a shortcut for his own macro. The user can also add new keyboard shortcuts.
After the macro is defined, he can test it or delete it.
Simple and intuitive user interface
KeyMACRO has a small but neat interface with a clear and simple layout.
Macro support
KeyMACRO allows the user to perform various operations with macros, for example:
Execute a macro
The user can execute the macros directly from the main panel, or from a toolbar button. After selecting the macro, the user has to press its shortcut.
If the user wants to execute a macro in a different window, he can use a button called “Execute macro in separate window”.
Stop a macro
If the user is working with macros, he often wants to stop them immediately. KeyMACRO has an option called “Stop macro instantly”.
Keyboard shortcuts
When working with macros, the user often needs to quickly jump to a specific location 384a16bd22

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Tired of mouse-clicking? KeyMacro enables you to use the keyboard to control your operating system.
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