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– Supports Forms, Windows, WPF and ASP.NET in both design time and run time.
– We provides a WPF + WinForm template that help you rapidly create professional and bug free WPF and Winforms applications.
– We provide a *.NetMVC3 visual designer which makes rapid development a reality.
– We provides a MVP+MVVM architecture that simplify the development of a MVP applications.
– We provides a Smart client editor that provides auto completion and many other features for rapid development.
– The framework provides interfaces that allow you to easily customize the appearance and behavior of controls.



For WPF you can download it from :


It’s in the main Lightning repository, see Github
Or in Nuget


Rails redirect when specific action

I am building a site in which a user will have the ability to view a number of parts. Once they click on the part they wish to view they are taken to an overview page. There they can add details and a photograph of the part.
So far everything is working fine. However, when a user clicks on the photograph, I’d like them to be taken to the parts page of the part they clicked. I want to make sure that a user can’t create more parts than they are allowed to. So I thought about how I could redirect them to the parts controller once a picture is clicked but not have it redirect them anywhere if they click on a picture.
How could I go about doing this?


you can use a before_action filter, use the one you want to redirect to the parts#view 384a16bd22

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Fully works with NTFS, NTFS 4, NTFS 5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and VFAT file systems. Plus, it supports hard disk drives (HDDs), digital cameras, floppy disks, Zip drives, Jaz drives, SmartMedia Cards, Sony Memory Sticks, CompactFlash cards, Secure Digital cards, xD Picture Cards, Flash cards, PC Cards, MultiMediaCards, and any USB disks.
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Google’s $\USD1M new office is set in one of Vienna’s oldest (and poorest) neighborhoods – eplanit

This is one of Vienna’s oldest neighborhoods. And the space itself is a
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Bennu, an Ammonite, an Asteroid from the Asteroid Belt, and No Moon?

The far left and far right in Europe have become obsessed with moon hoaxes and have been discussing them ad infinitum. However, this is the first

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