The top best psytrance festivals

Boom Festival (Portugal)

When you think of psytrance festivals you think of a huge sound system and thousands of people all vibing to the magical kick dancing for days to you’re favorite  DJ’s The boom festival is all that and more than 50,000 visitors from 150 different countries’s come to celebrate for about one week To express there love and passion for psytrance Amazing people amazing music psychedelic art crazy location!

O.Z.O.R.A Festival (Hungary)

O.Z.O.R.A festival is one of the biggest trance gatherings in the world The main stage is a magical spaceship with tens of thousands of ravers The festival is one week long One of the most immersive festivals in the world Ozora’s six music stages are just the beginning you have psytrance/ chillout/ Goa Trance/live bands and so much more Artist fill the festival with colorful psychedelic art at the Ozora workshop And the location is beautiful with amazing campgrounds and really friendly people!

Psy-Fi Festival (Netherlands)

Psy-Fi festival has a magical feeling maybe cus it’s in the Netherlands and the people are so happy and smiley or maybe it’s psychedelic art everywhere its a great place for all the psytrance lovers to dances a let their spirits dance in the sunlight all day and all night while the moonshine this psychedelic trance festival has amassed a great following. What started as a small music festival has grown to be one of the largest international festivals in the Netherlands, and it attracts thousands of psytrance lovers each year.

Universe Paralello (Brazil)

Universe paralello is a powerful platform for psytrance lovers 9 days of madness the tradition is that every new year eve they welcome the new year with a bang with the best trance music out there they have 6 stages and a beautiful beach When you look around their amazing psychedelic art sculptors It’s also one of the most international festivals in the country, and one of the largest alternative culture festivals in all of South America

Hill Top Festival (India)

Let’s start that it’s in India the where psytrance is very popular there and they know how to go crazy on the dance floor Goa has long been known for its epic parties Hill Top Festival features an epic main stage, covering the best of local and international psychedelic trance a couple of thousands they also have a chillout stage and techno stage let’s just say you don’t have to worry about the music they got you covered. there are plenty of diverse food options, a cocktail bar, and even a healing area and the people are crazy friendly

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