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The ideal utility for system administrators who need to detect, remove and recover malicious hidden files.
Most viruses and adware create a small file named.hidden with a random name. This is very easy for users to detect the presence of the malicious files on their system.
As a result, users tend to use the Windows Explorer Search function and find a lot of hidden files that do not require their attention.
This is why you should use Reveal Everything! to help you find them.
Thanks to its unique functionality, Reveal Everything! is capable of extracting the contents of hidden files, audio files, images, executable files, video files, archives and archives, configuration files, CRLs, DLLs, cookies, proxies, caches, etc. It also creates an overview of all the files that have been hidden on the computer.
Another particularity of Reveal Everything! is that it can support the Recursive function. You can also specify files, folders or locations for Reveal Everything! to scan.
The utility can also be used as a standalone application. It can also be used to create a shortcut with the name of your choice.
Key features:
– The ability to make a quick and easy scan of your PC or your network.
– The ability to find hidden files that are not displayed by the Windows Explorer search function.
– The ability to make a “recursive” scan, which makes it possible to scan all of the folders and subfolders of the folder that is selected.
– The ability to make a scan in the form of a shortcut.
– The ability to create your own shortcuts.
– The ability to integrate with the command line.
– The ability to support nearly all extensions, formats, and properties.
– The ability to discover applications in the registry.
– The ability to display your computer’s resources on the screen.
– The ability to help you create a System Restore point in case of a system failure.
– The ability to create an overview of hidden files.
– The ability to analyze the Windows Registry.
– The ability to be used as a standalone application.
– The ability to use shell extensions.
– The ability to create and install shortcuts.
– The ability to be used in a USB portable application.
– The ability to use the Microsoft Active Directory.

Reveal Everything! was created as an easy-to-use software that can help you find hidden files in your computer.
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Ashampoo Music Studio is a multifunctional audio editor designed for any music enthusiast who needs an intuitive way to edit, arrange, record, mix, share, burn, convert and organize their music files.
It combines all the functions of a powerful audio editor in a single application and lets users combine multiple songs into a single playlist, export and burn your own CDs, generate song playlists for your favorite music CDs or mixtapes, rip your music CDs and create a digital collection.
With Ashampoo Music Studio, the software can convert almost any format to any other format or copy the file to another location, making it a great audio burner and CD ripper.
Moreover, you can organize your music collection by artists and albums and sort your music files by song, album, genre, language and file size, create and manage playlists, join audio tracks into one, drag and drop songs and videos to your playlist and much more.

Enigma Software Private Limited is a user-friendly and professional-grade audio editing software and music production toolset, designed to be used by audio enthusiasts to create, edit and mix their music. With its powerful and easy-to-use features, Enigma Software is a favorite among producers, DJs, sound engineers and audio enthusiasts worldwide. With its intuitive user interface, fast performance and easy-to-use functionality, Enigma Software has quickly become the most popular choice for music lovers and musicians worldwide.

Multi-track editor with waveform, audio visualization and powerful effects processing. It’s ideal for audio mastering, mixing, editing and remixing. New possibilities with its unique visual interface.

Ashampoo Audio Visual Studio has been a favorite among professional and amateur sound designers for years. Ashampoo Audio Visual Studio gives you a fast way to edit music and video files. It enables you to edit and create videos and audio files of all sizes including MP3s, M4A, WAV, FLAC, WMA, AAC, MPEG audio and all popular video formats. With Ashampoo Audio Visual Studio you can record audio, mix and create audio visual projects such as songs, albums and soundtracks. You can edit multiple tracks, apply powerful effects and create video with a single mouse click.

Ashampoo Visual Communication Designer is a desktop publishing software for professional photographers, graphic designers and webmasters. It allows you to generate high quality publications, presentations, newsletters, e-books, calendars, brochures and flyers in a variety of media types (PDF, JPEG, PNG

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