Change the partition table size and format the partition in a simple manner. You can change the partition label, type, and then format the partition. You can also create a new partition from the unallocated space.
How to install the application:
1. Download the setup package, install and run the program.
2. Click the System icon on the panel bar and select Open Control Panel.
3. Click the Hardware tab, select the Disk Management tool.
4. Right-click the disk partition and select Format.
5. You can also use the standard command prompt to change the partition table.
Create partition table
Create a new partition
Create a new partition from unallocated space
Change the partition table size
Change the partition label
Change the partition type
Change the partition format
Change the partition attributes
Format a partition in a quick and easy way
Convert a partition to a simple disk
Extend a partition by adding unallocated space
Create a bootable backup disk for Windows
Create a partition to boot an operating system
The easiest way to expand the system partition to extend the system partition, for example, the system partition becomes the total disk
Create a bootable backup disk
Format a disk in a quick and easy way


AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, which is freeware partition management tool designed for people who want to manage their disks and make changes to their partitioning without having to involve the technical staff of the hardware manufacturer. The program is especially useful for computer users who just want to manage the space on their hard disk.
All of the functions offered by the program are easy to perform and require only a few clicks. The program includes several wizards and tools which enable you to migrate the operating system to a Solid State Drive or shrink the existing partitions in order to expand the existing one that needs more space.
The Aomei Partition Assistant is also able to create a bootable disk that can be used on all the machines without having to install the program on each one.
When you need to partition your hard disk, do not hesitate to use the Partition Assistant.
How to use the program:
1. Download the setup package, install and run the program.
2. Click the System icon on the panel bar and select Open Control Panel.
3. Click the Hardware tab, select the Disk Management tool.
4. Right-click the disk partition and select Format. 384a16bd22

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A macro for various input such as key combo, key combination, mouse or any other keystroke. The macro can be set on Auto-Repeat & then once the keystroke is pressed it repeats itself until the key is released or a key combination of special meaning.
– Automatic key repeat is so amazing it works even while it’s minimized
– Each keystroke is stored in it’s own category for easy access
– Each category also has a popup menu showing other options for the keystroke
– Commands can be copied/pasted to the clipboard as well as embedded in files
– Many options are available including auto-repeat and sound effects
– Repeat settings can be set from 1-180 seconds per keystroke
– Single keys can be set to repeat that trigger based on the current mouse position or key combo
– Double/triple click can be triggered by holding down a single click
– Some hotkeys are set to repeat based on a preset key combo or mouse position (eg. Ctrl + Mouse4 repeat past 4 seconds or place on mouse4)
– Some macros can be set to repeat until a preset key combo or mouse position is met or the key is released
– Macro popup menu shows all keystrokes as well as commands
– Macro popup menu has a limit of 3 macros
– Macro can be cleared by using the Backspace key
– Macro is limited to 256 characters (This can be increased in the options)
– Macro is stored in a separate macro.ini file, and does not modify existing ones.
– Many more options

Java Keystrokes is an powerful free utility for Windows that works at a high level and can open and control almost every application.
Keystrokes stores the hotkeys and shortcuts in XML files and makes them accessible for your applications.
You can record hotkeys and save them as XML files or create a keymap based on one of the existing XML files.
Keystrokes is able to open almost all Windows applications, print them, export them to PDF, and resize them, among other things.
You can start a hotkey with the program or with a keystroke sequence.
You can add hotkeys for opening, saving, printing, and resizing.
There is a plugin for Microsoft Office, and the program works for other applications as well, including Photoshop and Flash.
When using it, a new window will appear on the screen, which will contain a text box where the hotkey sequence will be entered


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