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Keymacro is an all-in-one toolkit that provides a simple and easy way to define macros. You can easily define your own keyboard shortcuts to carry out any task and speed up your work.
Keymacro can be used to quickly launch any application, files, web pages, etc. It can also provide useful information about the task.
Keymacro will help you master and enhance your computer skills in a few minutes.
* Command Line Mode
The program can be launched using command line mode. This enables you to create a shortcut for a special purpose. For example, you can create a shortcut for a Java applet or upload a flash file by a single click.
You can save a series of commands into a shortcut and you can even set the shortcut to autostart.
* Shortcut Group
A shortcut group is the core of keymacro. You can store the shortcut files that have a similar purpose and set the groups to be launched as an applet, a web page, a file, a folder, a shortcut, a web browser or a web page.
* Multi-layered Commands
Keymacro allows you to create a simple and complex command line. For example, you can create a command to launch the text editor and you can set a shortcut for a file. Moreover, you can also define a conditional action to the shortcut.
* Quick Edit
It is very easy to create a shortcut. You can simply drag a file or folder to the shortcut window. It is also possible to insert a command to open any file or folder.
* Configurable Shortcuts
Keymacro enables you to configure the applets, web pages, shortcuts and folders that should be launch by a single click. This will enable you to configure the entire process of creating a shortcut.
* Powerful Tools
Keymacro provides powerful tools such as menu editor and hot keys editor. You can use these tools to configure the features.
* Support for
Keymacro supports Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion.
Mac OS X 10.3.9 is not supported.
The application supports up to four languages simultaneously.
Basic Commands
Copy file: #a
Click file: #c
Create shortcut: #c
Create new file: #a
Delete file: #d
Delete folder: #d
Edit menu: #m
Exit: 384a16bd22

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The application is equipped with a variety of useful functions to perform text extraction from PDF files.
Main features:
Free Easy Operation Fast Speed
The application is easy to use and operate, the only thing you have to do is to add PDF file as a source file to begin the extraction process. It supports PDF files from all versions of Adobe Acrobat, as well as from the latest versions.
Customized Feature Extraction:
The application allows you to extract the text from one or more PDF files by specifying the necessary parameters in the “Customize Text extraction” dialog box.
Support all kind of rich content:
Detexter supports the extraction of all kind of content from the text. You can either extract a specified text or extract all text from a PDF file.
High Speed:
The application is quite speedy. In most cases, you can extract the desired text in less than a minute.
Keymacro Free Download

Phaon is a useful and safe application designed to help you generate a thumbnail image of the specified PDF file. It also supports the following image formats:
You can use the application to save and set as the desktop wallpaper, print the thumbnail image or save it as a file.
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AAPDF is an advanced application that allows you to manipulate PDF files. The main features include the ability to open, create, edit, save and print the PDF files. You can also edit and merge PDF files, change font color and text alignment, select and export text from a PDF file and change its text style.
AAPDF also supports the following application features: PDF files from all versions of Adobe Acrobat, the ability to show all the pages of the PDF file in a single window, keyboard and system hotkeys, saving PDF files and opening files from a directory, printing PDF files and selecting multiple pages and extracting text from a PDF file.
Keymacro Free Download

The application allows you to convert a PPS file into a PDF file, as well as a JPG file. It supports the PPS files from all versions of Adobe Acrobat, as well as the latest versions.
Keymacro Free Download

The application allows you to convert a PPS file into a GIF file. It supports the PPS files from all versions of Adobe Acrobat, as well as the latest versions


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